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Mega Party Emerges in June – Buhari
The 36-state structure of the country is simply not working; and it must therefore be rationalised. "The party should root for democracy, rule of law and the entrenchment of a democratic culture in the country; and the foundation of the new party …

WaPost Says Political Party Power Dying for GOP, But What Does it Mean?
This drags the final outcomes of the political debate too often to the extreme left and too many Republicans feel it is their job to “compromise” and arrive at that vaunted middle ground with the increasingly far left Democrat Party. It is a myth, of …
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Dager: Politicians: Stop the shenanigans and get to work
I can more definitively say that most people think I belong to one distinct political party based on my appearance, ethnicity, gender and job. But, nope. I'm firmly in the middle, which is why I try to make my columns balanced, no matter the subject …
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