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 12 April 2014

African National Party 2014 Election Manifesto at Peace United outreach Delft South Cape Town South Africa

By National deputy president of ANP also a premier candidate for the Western Cape comrade Gcinikhaya William Nqaqu

Today it is the 12/04/2014. This month on the 6/06/1979 comrade Solomon Mahlangu was hanged in Pretoria

We as the African National Party we honour this month to the aforesaid brave comrade.

We ask for a moment of silence in memory of the late comrade Solomon Mangu

Honorable members, comrades, members of the traditional leaders, provincial executives committee of the African national Party, National executive committee of the A.N.P, Members of the community at large I greet you all in the name of the A.N.P.

Ladies and gentleman we are here to introduce our manifesto. Let us not forget to honor our revolutionary hero comrade Solomon Mahlangu who was hanged in Pretoria on the 6-4-1979.

On the 5-4-1979 the day preceding his execution his last words were “Tell my people that I love them and that they must continue the struggle”

Since our freedom which we obtained in 1994 it is not the freedom that we can be proud of.

We did receive political freedom but not the economic freedom. The people of this country are losing their jobs because of the political dispensation which we received in 1994. We got millions of people who are jobless in this country.

  1. Jobs
  2. Crime
  3. Housing
  4. Education
  5. Health
  6. Sport


  1. 1.     Jobs

We as the African National Party promised the people of the Western Cape Jobs without any discrimination of race, gender or religion.

We promised to subsidize developing businesses so that they can also create employment to the people of this province. That means they will meet half way to close the gap of unemployment in this province. We have University graduates who are unemployed in this province and we promise to close that gap.

When we talk of jobs creation we are not referring to labour brokers where people work today and tomorrow they have no jobs.

1.  2.     Crime

We as the African National Party we promise zero tolerance to any elements of crime. Zero tolerance to crime can only be archived by building a good relation between the police and members of the community.

There is no way that we can fight crime without the police and the police cannot fight crime without members of the community. People of this country have lost faith in the police because there are people who have died in the hands of the police when were protesting expressing the dissatisfactory to the current government.

It is a disgrace when people die in the hands of a revolutionary government as if they are governed by a right wing government.

We have a large number of young children who are raped and killed here in the Cape Flats almost everyday. We promised as the African National Party that such things will come to an end and young children will live in peace and enjoy freedom of movement.

The African National Party should it come to power is willing to reconsider the re-instatement of the death sentence.

We promise to increase visible police officers in arrears identified as high crime areas. Each and every crime committed must be reported to the authorities so that proper action can be taken.

We as the African National Party to end gangsterism and drugs. Gangsterism forces the young youth of today to drop out of school as they are being victimized by these gangs.

We promised to end fraud and corruption even in government officials.

  1. 3.     Housing

We have a large number of people who are on municipal data base who have applied for houses but on provincial list their names do not appear. We as the African National Party we promised that people’s names will both appear on municipal Data base and provincial list.

We promised to build decent houses for the people.

Houses that the people can be proud to call them homes.

We promised rebuild the houses that were made with asbestos sheets and the Wendy houses which were built by the current government and people ended up suffering from illness caused by the condition of the houses.

We promised to ventilators in the houses that are being built by current government. The constitution of this country states clearly that the people have the right clean and healthy environment.

1.   4.     Education

We promised better quality education and that learners are safe inside the School premises.

We promised to introduce a system where children will learning difficulties will be taught hand work which will help them to earn decent living.

1   5.     Health

We promise as the African National Party to reduce overcrowding of Clinics and Hospitals which leads to patients waiting for long hours before they can be seen by the doctors.

We will increase more doctors and nurses and identify hospitals or clinics which perform poorly and remedy the situation.

We will monitor the dispensation of medication and make sure that patients receive medication and the medications do not disappear from the shelves.

1.    6.     Sport

We as the African National Party we promised to ensure that all sport codes will be available in this province.

By doing so we will be taking the Youth away from gangsterism and Drugs.

In order for African National Party to fulfill these promises the people must ensure that on the 7-05-2014 on the provincial ballot paper they vote for the African National Party. So that they will be able to enjoy freedom which the two political parties that governed this province from 1994 till now failed to give it to them.

We as the African National Party believe in the freedom charter clause that states “ The people shall share” thus we say that in the National ballot paper vote for any political party that you like  but in the provincial ballot paper vote for the African National Party. By doing o you will be removing Hellen Zille a premier of the Western Cape.  Puting Gcinikhaya William Nqaqu as premier also give the African National Party a voice in this province.

Let us come together holding hands and……….. this province giving to the right direction A.N.P is ready to govern this province of Cape Town.

 Amandla ! Ngawethu! Viva ANP Viva!



President’s brief profile:

Langa Lebenya Ndlovu was born on the 30thof January1946 in Mt Fletcher. He is famously known as the “ideologist” by those who know him in politics. He joined South African politics at the age of 14 and joined Pan
Africanist Congress of Azania in 1960 in Cape Town.  After the Sharpville and Langa killings the organisation was banned and they had to operate underground. Throughout his student life he became more active in politics in high school and university, he was arrested in several occasions and was never convicted.
He is the former University of the North Educational Psychology lecturer, Circuit Inspector (EDO and Area Manager), Chairperson of Principals Organisation (Matatiele district), Branch President of Transkei Teachers Association, President of Mt Fletcher’s Teachers Burial Association. He dedicated his life in teaching and in South African politics during the liberation struggle. He is currently the Provincial Treasurer of Nafcoc (Eastern Cape) Provincial Treasurer of Mbiasa (Eastern Cape), Joe Gqabi District President of Nafcoc Joe Gqabi District and Preacher and Sub- Deacon of Anglican Church. While he was a teacher, he continued more seriously as political activist underground and during the school holidays he visited his comrades in Zimbabwe and Tanzania.
After 1994 he joined African National Congress (ANC) where he occupied a position of chairperson and secretary of the ANC branch and secretary of South African Communist Party (Branch Level) and an ordinary member of the Ukhahlamba District Region and became an ANC ward counsellor at Ulundi Municipality for one term.
Throughout his lifetime in politics with PAC and SACP he supported socialism. In August 2011 he realised that socialism is no answer to the South African economic conditions. He then met with some individuals from Alfred Nzo Joe Gqabi, O.R Tambo and Chris Hani Districts and decided to form a new political organization the African National Party (ANP) to fight socialism which he felt would bring instability and war in South Africa, he was then elected president at a meeting in Umtata.

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